Developing Leadership Skills


Leadership has a wide variety of areas and to achieve high performance, it is crucial for a leader to be effective. Leadership means different things in different capacities, but generally thought of as the ability an individual has to motivate, persuade, encourage and direct others with the aim of achieving an end result.

To define leadership, the style a leader adopts greatly affects the outcome a leader achieves. Thus, finding out the type of leader you are and finding out what it takes to be a good leader has huge benefits for you and your team.


In this training, delegates will learn:

  • Quality and skills of an effective leadership
  • What type of leader you are
  • Leadership Styles
  • The parameters for influencing others
  • Motivating others and building talents
  • How to empower and mentor team members
  • Why leaders are coaches
  • Leadership communication

Change management Training

We all experience change differently and cope with it differently. Change is an important aspect of organisational life and everybody should be supported to manage change positively. In this course, participants explore how different people react to change and how people should be led back to stability and comfort.

What participants will learn in this course:

  • Understanding change and its impact
  • Leading others through change in a sustainable way
  • Managing resistance
  • Working as an agent of change
  • Making others buy into change
  • Understanding the difficulties change can bring
  • Managing change and building good working relationships
  • Thinking outside of the box – become creative with change


Course Price per participant is £299, for each course.

Courses run from 10.00am -6.00pm

For course booking, information about venues and group booking discounts, call; 

email:  office