Coaching, when done appropriately, no doubt has remarkable effects on the clients and their life choices. At stress-Free Executives, our coaching services have always had dramatic effects on the performance of the individuals and groups we work with.
Our coaching unlocks blind spots, enhances self-awareness and provides practical ways for individuals and groups to focus on what is most pressing to them.
Our coaching centres on three major areas, which are: Executive coaching, Stress management coaching and confidence coaching.
With all our coaching services, we deal with individuals, teams/groups, and the organisation, particularly with our leadership/executive and stress management coaching. We help organisations transform results, effectiveness, performance, profits, and where need be, cultures, overtime, with our purposeful coaching.
Our clients range across several hundred organisations in the private and public sectors and all of our team have had senior level careers before becoming coaches.
We offer useful tools and models to deepen insight or promote successful personal change. Our aim is to strengthen your ability to respond to, initiate and enable change through the coaching process.
Our coaching methods certainly bring out the best in everyone we touch.


The Coaching Process
 The Coaching process starts with an initial discussion with one of our expert coaches, in the client’s area of interest. This initial discussion serves as an assessment, to determine how best to help you achieve your objectives.   During this initial assessment, the coach will seek to understand the client’s objectives, the level of their existing skills, knowledge, behaviours and motivation. After this stage, they will then be matched with the best coach, depending on their area of interest and specific category, whether it be to deliver stress management coaching, career coaching, leadership performance coaching or another form of service.
Our coaches are grounded in the latest coaching processes, practices and strategies, using the best tools, as suited by individual circumstances.
Sessions’ duration will depend on individual or group circumstances.
Initial coaching conversation may be done on a one -on – one live basis or could be done via other portals, as agreed after your call to us.
Our expert teams are able to influence success from individual skills development through our different coaching programmes.